process helps your
metals perform better
and look great, at a
lower cost than
traditional polishing.

Electropolishing Services

With the Electro-Kleen electropolishing process, metals not only perform better, they look great - at a cost which is significantly lower than mechanical polishing. Learn more about Electro-Kleen's Electropolishing services here.

What is Electropolishing?

Electropolishing is an extremely effective process because unlike conventional metal finishing, electropolishing does not smear, bend, stress or fracture the metal. Whereas fragile or complex parts may be impossible to treat with mechanical methods. Learn more about electropolishing and its benefits here.

Committed To Quality

Electro-Kleen's commitment to quality is second to none. We pride ourselves making sure that each job is done correctly strive towards making sure you, the customer, are completely satisfied. Whether you require advice on finishing problems, or lightening-fast turn around on your parts, Electro-Kleen provides a high level of service. Learn more about our commitment to quality here.


Electro-Kleen is a leading international electropolisher, 
committed to providing high-quality metal finishing through innovative, application-based solutions.